Founded in 1872, Pirelli is among the main tyre makers globally with focus on premium and prestige tyres production. Presented in 160 countries, today it has 19 production facilities located on four continents and it counts about 30,000 employees.

Pirelli has a great commitment to research and development, an area in which it invests 6,1% of its revenues from high value products, one of the highest levels in the sector, with the goal of constantly improving its products in terms of performance, safety and reduction of environmental impact, in line with its sustainability and 'green performance' strategy. In pursuing its goals, Pirelli aims to combine economic profitability and social responsibility.

In line with its 148 years tradition, Pirelli continues investing in the international expansion projects at the same time maintaining strong local roots in the communities where it operates. Pirelli is a unique F1 official supplier.