Membership in the TMA

Who can become a member of the TMA?

Any commercial organization, which manufactures tyres on the territory of Russia, as well as subsidiary structures of foreign companies, who manufacture tyres outside Russia but sell and distribute their production on the territory of Russia through their subsidiary companies can become a member of the TMA. The number of TMA members is unlimited.

What opportunities does the TMA open up?

  • receipt of up-to-date information and advice on issues of regulating the tyre industry;
  • use of support and assistance of the TMA in protecting own rights and interests;
  • participation in managing the TMA business and receipt of information on the issues of the TMA activity;
  • participation in thematic working groups acting within the TMA;
  • receipt of information, scientific and methodological materials and literature, created or acquired at the expense of the TMA;
  • participation in seminars, conferences and business meetings, organized with the participation of the TMA.

How to become a TMA member?

  • A candidate member of the TMA, who shares the goals and objectives of the Association, shall provide the Executive Director of the TMA with a written membership application and notarized copies of its constitutional documents.
  • Within 60 days, a decision on the admission of the candidate to the TMA as a member is made by the General Meeting by a simple majority of votes of the members present.
  • The candidate is considered to be admitted to the TMA as a member from the moment of payment of the admission fee, which is due and payable within 30 days from the day when the decision on admission to members was made.
  • Membership applications are to be sent to

What is the fee to be paid by TMA members?

Fees for the year 2024 are the following:
  • admission fee - 350,000 RUB;
  • annual membership fee - 1 095,000 RUB.