Bridgestone Russia/CIS is a part of BSEMIA (Bridgestone Europe, Russia, Middle East, India and Africa) a business unit of the Bridgestone Corporation, the worlds largest tire and rubber company. The company, founded about 90 years ago, produces a wide range of premium tires and offer diverse products and mobility solutions to its clients within over 150 countries worldwide. Bridgestone is a largest global investor in R&D, investing around 800 million euros annually.  

Bridgestone has been actively working in Russia for over 20 years, besides the brand is presented in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Belarus. In 2016 the Bridgestone company established its production facility in Ulyanovsk. Total investments were 12.5 billion rubles. Today an overall number of employees working at Bridgestone Russia/CIS is about 900 people. The Company positively develops its retail network Pole Position and a network of professional truck tire centers Truck Point. A number of Pole Position brand stores is 75 in Russia and 14 in Ukraine; a number of authorized service centers is 70 in Russia and CIS.        

For more information about Bridgestone in Russia, please visit, BSEMIA